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McConnell: This is Not a Political Opportunity. It is a National Emergency

Friend --

There is much more good stuff than bad stuff in the Senate bill. So we need to tell Speaker Pelosi to back off. We need to tell her to back to the House and get your Whip to get this done for the American people.

The issue is that the Dems are finding excuses to force the USA to fail -- they are deliberately trying to force the funding of Planned Parenthood for millions of dollars for example. They are showing themselves as totally self-serving power hungry totalitarians -- your money is our money and your way of life will be what we tell you it is. 

McConnell: “This is Not a Political Opportunity. It is a National Emergency”

We need to move forward. This national crisis is not going to wait around if Congress slips back into conventional politics or haggles endlessly over the finer points… The American people need an outcome and they need it tomorrow. They need us to vote to advance this legislation today and then pass it tomorrow.

Although I can't go into the Capitol today, I’ve got my list and my phone: and with your help, we can help the good guys deliver some easing for small businesses and furloughed workers all across our great country as we all work together to get through challenges brought on by COVID19.

We need to make sure people understand that the issue is the radical extremist Dems who care more for funding their radical programs than helping the administration and the country to succeed.

I’m praying for you and your family today as well.

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Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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