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Marc Little prays with President Trump

Friend --

Last night, there was a stunning development. Marc Little, who is CURE's Board Chairman, attended a strategy meeting with other black leaders at the White House for Black History Month. Marc sat at the table with President Trump during the hour and twenty-minute discussion, along with many black leaders including Alveda King. At the end of the meeting, everyone prayed for our President and I'm happy to announce that Marc led the prayer.

But, there's a major problem. Before I tell you who made racist remarks about those who attended this important Presidential strategic meeting about solutions in the black community, please read Marc's beautiful prayer.

Marc Little leads the prayer with black leaders for President Trump (Marc wears the orange tie).

Black leaders in the Oval Office with President Trump.

"Father God in the Name of Jesus we thank you, oh God, for this group holding up the arms of this President. This President who cares, oh God, not just for black folks but for every American. Oh God, we pray his health. We pray his strength. Oh God, we thank you through the power of your Holy Spirit that you're protecting him -- that you're protecting his family. And you're filling him, oh God. And we thank you for what You have done and what You have yet to do through this, Your vessle. In Jesus' Name, Amen." - Marc Little

I am so proud of Marc who has led CURE with truth and dignity. But there are some people who do not like that he met with President Trump. Last night on CNN, Don Lemon and three Democrat strategists -- who are black -- discussed the meeting and called everyone at the event "clowns" and "Uncle Toms."

Really? We're Americans who care about our country and our President whose policies protect lives, prosperity, and freedom.

One strategist laughed at us and remarked, "His version of outreach is Ben Carson or Diamond and Silk." Really?

Another said, "Anybody who will go on a national stage and say he's great ... that's the type of Uncle Toms sitting in that room. It's appalling and disgusting."

-- Through President Trump's policies, unemployment reached an all time low in the history of the US. Is that appalling and disgusting?

-- Black youth unemployment has reached a record low. Is that appalling and disgusting?

-- The poverty rate has reached a record low. Is that appalling and disgusting?

For the liberal elite, success for blacks is appalling and disgusting because they need blacks to remain fatherless and broke to keep power. That's appalling and disgusting.

But Don Lemon did say something that is true: "Donald Trump only needs 12 percent of the black vote and if he gets that, it's over. He's won."

Friend, you know the work CURE does to free blacks from Uncle Sam's Plantation. They can call Marc and me names but God is great and they won't defeat us. Will you have our backs?

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Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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