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Virginia legislators HATE Christians

Friend --

Virginia's Democrats heckled, literally turned their backs, and some even walked-out on a pastor who gave the opening prayer for the legislature. I've never seen anything like this. The heckles started when Rev. Dr. Robert M. Grant Jr. of The Father’s Way Church in Warrenton, Virginia spoke about protecting our unborn babies, traditional marriage and Biblical values.

The Speaker then silenced Rev. Grant by banging her gavel to interrupt his prayer and began reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. The pastor was left dumbfounded. Just like me and I'm sure you, too.

Rev. Grant speaks Biblical values to the Virginia Assembly.

As Democrats walk-out, the Speaker interrupts the pastor in the middle of his prayer with the gavel to begin the Pledge.

Confused, Rev. Grant gathers his papers as the Assembly recites the pledge with the leadership turning their back to him.

For the first time in decades, liberals took over Virginia and have reversed decades of measures to protect lives in the womb. Also, they're dismantling our Second Amendment rights quicker than any state in the union. And when they disarm us, we know what they're coming after next: our First Amendment rights, which means you and me. This isn't far-fetched. We can look to the baker in Colorado or the florist in Oregon or the photographers in Washington and New York how liberal policy-makers and judges who hate the Constitution wrecked their lives, families, finances and freedom.

Liberals turned their backs on the pastor, who is black, because he spoke the Truth. And liberals are certain to turn our beliefs into hate speech if we give them the chance. I will not give them one inch and I hope you won't either. That's because our rights are NOT up to a vote! This is why I know we're at the same crossroads that Abraham Lincoln found himself when he asked if we're going to live half slave and half free. Because of his decision, we are free because Lincoln knew our rights are not up for a vote.

That's why I ask you to financially back CURE's clergy network that recruits pastors like Rev. Grant to speak the truth in politics. Now, more than ever, supporters like you see the danger signs in places like Virginia that will turn its back to the Truth.

If you want us to fight in the Battleground States and purple states such as Virginia, join other freedom-lovers like you and click and follow this link to donate $100 or more right now to support my work. If what you just witnessed makes you upset, will you turn your anger into something productive and make your donation monthly?

Your financial support recruits pastors such as Rev. Grant who are able to drive a wedge between liberals and Americans who are waking up to the truth. You see, blacks attend church more than any demographic. That's why this year, my team and I recruit pastors across the US, especially in Battleground states, to speak out just like Rev. Grant and protect our freedom.

If you're sickened by what you saw in Virginia, will you do something about it and back CURE, the non-profit organization I founded 25 years ago this year? If so, click and follow this link to donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or $2,500 or more right now.

Thank you, in advance, for all you do for freedom.

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Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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