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Trump in North Carolina

Friend --

When my team and I went to North Carolina a couple of weeks ago, we helped to lay the groundwork for the White House to push their life-saving and freedom-protecting policies. 

Now today, President Trump was in Charlotte where the GOP Convention will be held in August.

The President spoke with a diverse audience -- which included black leaders of North Carolina and many of our pastors -- about issues that impact America's communities, especially black communities. And I'm pleased to announce that Pastor Kenneth Fontenot, who created a video response to Trump's impeachment for us that went viral, was also in the audience.

When we traveled to North Carolina, we looked for freedom-loving Americans such as Pastor Fontenot who have been leading their communities to untie the decades-long political binds that have ruined families and lives. And when I saw the black leaders we worked with just a couple of weeks ago also attend the President's speech today, it gave me hope. And I know it will give you hope, too.

Friend, together we can wake up America. This week has been a tremendous week to see our work in action. After President Trump retweeted my reaction to the State of the Union, to the President's acquittal that we worked hard to support, to the Democrat's blow-up in Iowa and my weekly column where I said "it doesn't matter which Democrat wins," and then to see our pastors and local allied leaders attend President Trump's speech in a battleground state, our work is paying off.

Below are some of my reactions to Trump's electric speech today, as well as Pastor Fontenot's reaction, which I highly encourage you to watch. 

I agree with President Trump: "African American churches raise the spirit of our people and lift up the conscience of our nation." -- President Trump, February 7, 2020 (North Carolina)

President Trump revealed what his team said after he told African Americans 'what do you have to lose?' for voting for him: "Backstage, they told me that it wasn't nice. But I told them it's true." -- President Trump, February 7, 2020 in North Carolina

Religious black colleges and universities -- some of the best schools -- were banned from gov funding. Trump stopped the discrimination. "Now they can focus on education and we can make sure HBCUs are an important part of our education." -- President Trump, February 7, 2020 in North Carolina

Liberals praise the US government's criminal justice reform but don't give President Trump any of the credit. "If you're not going to get the credit, you might as well take it yourself." -- President Trump, February 7, 2020 in North Carolina

Secretary Ben Carson attended President Trump's policy speech. Photo is by Pastor Fontenot who was in the audience.

President Trump begins to deliver an hour-long speech about opportunity.

Watch Pastor Fontenot's reaction to President Trump's speech.

Watch President Trump's speech about opportunity.

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