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Daily Blast: Maxine Waters' impeachment pen

Friend --

I have some updates I want to share with you below that covers impeachment, Bernie Sanders and Virginia's nefarious gun ban.

Everyone laughed at Maxine Waters

Before President Trump was elected, Maxine Waters talked about impeachment. She wasn't the only one. Everyone laughed at her but today, Nancy Pelosi handed her one of the pens that she signed Donald Trump's impeachment documents,

While the Senate will surely reject the President's impeachment, we have crossed a dangerous line. And I believe this is a warning that liberals would have removed President Trump from office if their Party held the Senate. 

Here are some of my reactions:

"Everyone laughed at @RepMaxineWaters, living in a $2 million home while her constituency lives in Section 8 slums. Seeing her holding the impeachment pen like it's a party favor is a reminder of just how dangerous an idiot can be."

"The Great Society leads a path of failure. Now with President Trump's policies responsible for record unemployment, the ENTIRE Black Caucus supported impeachment. Just who do they represent?"

"The Black Caucus sees the jobs and opportunities created in their poor districts, but they are too ideological to care. In fact, Trump's successes are a threat, as their minority voters could become self sufficient and escape urban gulags while no longer voting for liberals!"

Day 3: Bernie Sanders still has not responded

"Day 3: Still no response from @BernieSanders after his campaign leadership called for Americans who oppose him to be placed in gulags. I take them seriously, especially after one of his campaign volunteers tried to massacre Republican elected officials. @SteveScalise"

Virginia's new left-wing government shuts state capitol to legal gun carriers -- blames danger of "white supremacists"

"Hold the line Virginian freedom-fighters. Liberals and media want to confuse Americans and claim those who protect the #SecondAmendment must be white supremacists. I love the #2A! #NeverAgain"

"What do liberals plan to do after they take away our guns?"

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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