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Marc Little's speech

Friend --

I know you'll want to see this video. As I work to raise the rest of our funding to launch us into the new year, I want to first tell you that we're almost to the half-point. But we only have three days to go. Will you pitch-in right now $100 or more to meet my goal?

In this video, which was made possible by supporters like you to educate our pastor, you will see Marc Little, whois CURE's Board Chairman, give a speech from our National Pastor Policy Summit in Washington, DC. Marc's speech, called "Church in State" is very important because it inspires our pastors to take action. When Marc gave this speech, our pastors could not stay silent when he spoke. They were moved and you will be, too. He spoke about political correctness, welfare, big government and, of course, God. And he inspired our pastors to stand up and bring their values into the ballot booth. More Americans need to hear his speech and your financial support makes it happen.

Please watch Marc's speech and share it with everyone you know on social media. And if his speech moves you like it did to me and all of our pastors, make sure CURE has the funding to launch us into a major battle in 2020 by clicking this link and donating $50, $125, $400, $800, $1,200 or $2,000 or more right now.

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