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Friend --
A new poll just released said a third of Millenials, 36 percent, approve of communism. This is up significantly from 28 percent only a year ago.
Communism is the most deadliest and evil ideology in our history. And 36 percent of voting-age Millenials want it. Let me be clear who Millenials are: 
-- They're around 22 to 34-years-old. 
-- They're the most racially diverse generation who can vote where only 56 percent are white.
-- Most reject religion or a belief in God.
-- They're the largest voting bloc in our country.
-- They have a higher voter turnout than most generations. 
Make no mistake, Americans under 35 have serious influence how we are governed.
And their desires for communism are NOT the idealistic fantasies of youth you see in the movies. Instead, their desire for communism is rooted in education and culture that has taught them that men and women are inherently good people who do not need to work to better themselves -- everyone gets a trophy. Worse: they believe Americans like you and me know men and women are fallen creatures who MUST work to better ourselves discriminate and therefore are evil. Yes, they believe WE are evil.
I started CURE 25 years ago to fight big government and our work is needed now more than ever. Starting in 2020, my team and I will be going to the battleground states to speak and appear in the media. And I'll be launching a new talk show in January to spread our ideas and protect freedom in these crucial states where EVERYTHING we believe is at stake.
If you see the clear and present danger in these demographics like I do, will you back my work with an immediate year-end contribution of $100 or more?
When I started CURE, there were few blacks in the conservative movement. You could probably count all of us on one hand. Today, more African Americans embrace our political ideas BECAUSE they match what they hear in the pews. As you know, blacks attend church more than any other demographic. It's the perfect antidote to big government.
Someone once told me that we were leading a parade but we were so far ahead that no one knew there was a parade. Supporters like you make sure my work leads a massive parade to counter an ideology that dehumanizes us and will consume our freedom if it succeeds. From my national pastor policy summit in Washington, DC to my speeches and media appearances, your financial contribution makes it all happen.
So far, 114 supporters like you have contributed $18,784 towards my goal of $51,200 before midnight, December 31.
Will you protect freedom by clicking and following this link to donate $50, $150, $250, $500, $700, $1,250 or $2,000 or more?
Remember, you contribution is tax-deductible so please donate before midnight, December 31.
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Your foot-soldier for freedom,
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