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It was a setup:

Friend --

The IG Report from Michael Horowitz made it clear: the Russian hoax was a setup. From Adam Schiff to Rachel Maddow to the New York Times and the Washington Post who received a joint Pulitzer Prize in 2018 for their so-called "investigative" reporting, the media and progressives have been lying to Americans. We know they lie. But they carried this insane lie non-stop for three years and most Americans bought it.

I don't need to tell you this but I know you're saddened to watch the Left and their media arm destroy our freedom. After all, the reason why liberals were able to impeach Donald Trump is because they used the Russian hoax to smear him and defeat the Republican majority in 2018. And it was based on a terrible lie.

We need to fight back. And we need to do it now. In January, my non-profit organization will fight back in the media. With a network of 1,000 pastors behind us, we will defend truth and freedom. We cannot let them get away with this again.

Will you back my plan to fight the Left with truth in 2020 with a power network of pastors from distressed zip codes behind me? In 2020, it will be 25 years since I started CURE, the non-profit organization I founded to defend freedom by waking up more Americans like you and me.

So far, I'm thrilled to announce 78 supporters like you decided to financially back my work and contributed $14,842 towards my goal of $51,200.

Will you also pitch-in with an immediate contribution of $100 or more to meet my goal by December 31?

In January, my team and I will begin an ambitious plan to reach into the battleground states to fight every lie that we encounter. We cannot afford for liberals to confuse our nation again. Liberals teach that slavery is freedom and the media will repeat that lie until most people believe it. As ridiculous as the Russian hoax was, most Americans bought the lie. Never again!

You know the power of our pastors' voices when more Americans hear them. But your financial support is critical to find, educate and organize them so more Americans will be able to hear them.

Back my work by immediately clicking and following this link to donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or $2,500 or more.

Remember, your contribution is tax-deductible but you must donate by midnight, December 31.


Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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