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Friend --

After the shampeachment, it has become clear to more Americans like us that liberals do not care about our Constitution and freedom. President Trump is an existential threat to progressives if he succeeds. And liberals know it. That's why liberals are trying to take him out because they don't think we, the voters, will do it.

The pastors in our network are angry and using impeachment to subvert democracy. Next week, I will release pastor testimonies about how President Trump changes lives, especially in the black community. 

It's because of the financial support from freedom-fighters like you that our pastors speak out. It used to not be like this. When I started CURE in 1995, part of my mission was to find pastors who spoke about our values in the pews yet voted the opposite the voting booth. When I find more pastors who preach our values, we reach out to them and educate about freedom. Through our work, such as our national summit in Washington, DC and other events across the country, we change hearts and minds about what freedom really means. With your financial support, we are able to wake up more Americans so they defend freedom with us. Do you agree with my mission?

That's why I ask you to pitch-in right now so we can wake-up more Americans about the danger of Leftism with an immediate year-end contribution to my non-profit organization, CURE, of $100 or more.

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT: I'm proud to announce that we are even closer to our goal of $2 million this year. This goal is important because we are able to reach more Americans and educate them to preach and act on our values. And just a few days ago, one supporter who understands this need in our country contributed $150,000 towards our goal. We now only have $50,000 to go to reach our goal. With this funding, we'll be able to reach another 1 million Americans.

I know you're like me and want to hear more Americans speak up. We can do it with your urgent support.

Click and follow this link to donate $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,000 or $2,500 or more to bridge the gap so we can reach another 1 million Americans.

In January, I will start a new weekly television show that will also reach more Americans with our messages of faith, freedom and personal responsibility.

That's why I ask you to be a part of our fight for freedom in 2020. We don't have time to waste. America needs more people like you and me. Let's wake them up!

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Your foot-soldier for freedom,


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