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Bishop Aubrey Shines: Trump's policies help Trump

Friend --

With their fake solemnity, liberals are about to make impeachment petty and meaningless in their effort to impeach President Trump. But this is a very dangerous road we're about to go down. Liberals are very serious about reversing an election they truly believe they deserved to win. They're not trying to impeach Trump: they're trying to impeach you and me.

But we still have a choice: liberals who judge people by race and hate America or a President who truly loves America and has led an economy where the black unemployment rate is now the lowest on record.

As we watch this impeachment absurdity, I want you to know that our work at CURE carries on to protect freedom. That's why I want to introduce to you one of the pastors in our Clergy Network: Bishop Aubrey Shines.

Bishop Shines changes hearts and minds in his own congregation in Tampa -- in a very important Battleground State.

In his video, he talks about why President Trump's policies help the black community -- and all Americans. More Americans need to hear what Bishop Shines says instead of the liberal lies so they can also make a choice. 

Please make sure you share Bishop Shines' important message with everyone you know on social media.

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Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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