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Star Parker: Necessary Noise (official release)

New Book by Star Parker: Necessary Noise
How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This Is Good News for America

By Star Parker
With Richard Manning

“Anyone surprised by impeachment hearings has not been paying attention. We are in a culture war for the heart and soul of America and have been for the last fifty years. The election of Donald Trump just brought the details of this war to the headlines to force everyone to chose a side"  - Star Parker.

Popular political commentator and nationally syndicated columnist Star Parker reveals the truths driving the great divide behind the unexpected presidency of Donald Trump, writing that the intensity of the noise it has caused will help America confront and cure her problems.

In her new book Necessary Noise, author Star Parker and contributor Richard Manning explore some of the most polarizing topics of this war so all voters will know what is at stake in the 2020 presidential election.
“I think all of the political noise we are hearing today is very necessary to make America wholesome and whole; and frankly I believe that the louder the noise gets the better off we will be as American people. Because as then, when President Lincoln pointed out in his famous House Divided speech in 1858 that our nation could no longer be half free and half slave, we are now at similar point, that our nation must become “all one thing or all the other” but no longer could we be both” says Parker.
Necessary Noise examines the heated crossroads in which we find ourselves, tackling a wide range of topics — from immigration, to education, to race relations and sexual matters — and provides the framework for participation during this important time in history, to use our voices instead of violence—and the voting booth instead of a second Civil War.

Contributor Richard Manning agrees saying "President Trump is making Necessary Noise in order to drain the swamp. In this book the reader will see how we got where we are today in America, and how President Trump is going to pull us out of it." 

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Conservative thought leader Star Parker is the Founder and President of CURE ( The Center for Urban Renewal and Education ), a non-profit policy institute  based in Washington DC  whose mission is to fight poverty and restore dignity through messages of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility.

In her most recent book Necessary Noise,  Star Parker explains why the  noisy political rhetoric in the news today is good for voters as it provides specifics on why the Trump presidency is vital for America's future. 

Parker believes the noise of political debate  - from Impeachment to Kavanaugh to the Border Wall  - may seem overwhelming, but  that our country has needed  authentic and candid discussions for a very long time.  And she believes that no one  could have pulled back the mask  like President Donald J. Trump. 

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