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Star Parker: Necessary Noise

Friend --

I am thrilled to announce my new book, "Necessary Noise: How Donald Trump Inflames the Culture War and Why This Is Good News for America", is now available for pre-purchase. It will be released nationwide on November 12.

Friend, anyone surprised by the impeachment hearings has not been paying attention. You and I know we are in a culture war for the heart and soul of America and have been for the last fifty years. The election of Donald Trump just brought the details of this war to the headlines to force everyone to choose a side.

That's why I wrote this book. I ask that you click and follow this link to pre-order "Necessary Noise" right now so we can increase our visibility and spread our ideas. And be sure to share the news about my new book with all your friends!

Pre-Order Now >>

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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