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Conference Call - 10 minutes with my taxi driver:

Friend --

I was watching the ridiculous Democrat debate this week at a restaurant. On my way home, I spoke with my taxi driver who is from Ethiopia, who was also talking about the debate.

"What did you think?" I asked. "I'm probably going to vote for Biden," he said. "Trump has fixed the economy. But he's a racist."

I explained to him that Trump's policies are working and bringing people out of poverty. And I told him about Trump's support for school choice and protecting life in the womb.

In that 10-minute cab ride conversation, the driver changed his mind. He said he's voting for Trump in 2020.

Educating Americans is what CURE is here for.

That's why on November 19, CURE will organize our Clergy Network across the country to speak in unity for support of the White House's policies that have positively transformed black communities like no other modern President.

No one has seen anything like this before and I ask: Will you sponsor our Call for Support of the White House Agenda for Black Communities with an immediate contribution of $100 or more?

Friend, each pastor in our network reaches 3,000 Americans. And we have 1,000 pastors in our network.

Imagine if our pastors speak out simultaneously in support of the White House. That's my goal.

Right now, Trump's under assault by entrenched liberals who fear Americans will fleen Uncle Sam's Plantation if they support his agenda. You and I know when more Americans flee the plantation, liberals lose support. It's no wonder leftists want to impeach him!

And right now, there are 22 percent of African Americans who self-identify as conservatives, which means we need to find them and activate them.

It's clear that with enough policy conversation, more African Americans can "vote their values." But they need to hear from us and our pastors are the key. That's why were holding a major nationwide conference call with our pastors.

That's why I ask you to back our call for pastors in black communities to stand up for the White House policy agenda for independence and freedom with an immediate sponsorship of $50, $100, $250, $500, $1,500 or $2,500 or more.

WHO: Pastors from CURE's Clergy Network.
WHAT: Simultaneous support from the black community for the White House policy agenda.
WHERE: In distressed zip codes across the country.
WHEN: 10:00 am eastern, November 19, 2019
WHY: Unite Americans around the successful White House Agenda for distressed zip codes.

If I can help change someone's mind in 10 minutes, together we can change our country. But we only have 30 days to organize this call for freedom and I want you to be a part of this. 

Please donate now >>

Your foot-soldier for freedom,  

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