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No wonder they want to impeach Trump

Friend --

President Trump's success forces Americans to question why the liberal race-based agenda exists.

From eliminating taxpayer-funds to our country's largest abortion chain, Planned Parenthood, to the lowest unemployment rate for African Americans in history (and I could go on), it's no wonder they want to impeach him!

As I said in my nationally syndicated column earlier this week and in a television interview the next day, the same people who want to eliminate the Electoral College are calling for his impeachment so they can cancel our election. We have no choice but to act. I know you agree.

Liberals had 60 years to "help" the black community and we have nothing to show for it but fatherless homes, broken schools, crime and death.

And liberals are entirely disconnected from the American public. We see it in their extremist anti-family, secular and statist agenda that is televised during their debates to replace President Trump in the White House.

But because they run the media, academia, Silicon Valley, and Hollywood, they have a powerful megaphone to influence Americans with their alt-Left extremism.

That's why at 10:00 am, Tuesday, November 5 -- one year from election day in 2020 -- my non-profit organization will muster our entire clergy network across the country to bypass the media and speak with a united voice on radio, social media and television to call for an end to the impeachment charade.

Friend, I ask for you to imagine 1,000 clergy members from distressed zip codes simultaneously calling for an end to the liberal impeachment hoax and support the White House agenda. It's the liberals worst nightmare.

From social media posts to press conferences across the country, no one has seen this unity of conservative black pastors before and you can make it happen. It's why supporters like you financially back our work.

Our nation needs this visible show of unity from black pastors. That's why I ask you to immediately sponsor our national call for pastors to Rise Again to back the White House Agenda with an urgent contribution of $100 or more.

WHO: 1,000 pastors from CURE's Clergy Network.
WHAT: Simultaneous support for the White House Agenda and to expose the liberal impeachment hoax.
WHERE: In 1,000 distressed zip codes across the country.
WHEN: 10:00 am eastern, Tuesday, November 5, 2019
WHY: To expose the leftist agenda to cancel our elections and unite Americans around the successful White House Agenda.

We only have less than 30 days to organize this call for freedom and I want you to be a part of this. Please donate now >>

Your foot-soldier for freedom,  

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