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Last night's debate

Friend -- 

Last night's Democrat debate was ... sad. No one addressed how well our nation is doing econmically. Instead, the socialist politicians who want to become president pushed class and race warfare.

Therefore, before I tell you who I thought won last night's debate, let's do the work those socialists failed do do:

-- Since President Trump was elected, the US has added almost 6.5 million jobs.

-- The unemployment rate remains near its lowest point since 1969.

-- We've had 13 months of wage growth above 3 percent.

-- Wages have reversed a long-term trend and are now rising fo the lowest-paid workers.

-- More than half a million manufacturing jobs have been added since President Trump was elected while 200,000 manufacturing jobs were lost under Obama.

-- Hispanics have record low unemployment.

-- African American unemployment hit a record low of 5.5 percent.

-- Asian American unemployment is at 2.8 percent.

-- The labor participation rate is 63 percent, tying its highest level in 2013.

-- Median household income is at the highest level in two decades.

No wonder the liberals refused to talk about this!

With all this winning, I declare President Donald Trump the winner of last night's debate!

In my nationally syndicated column this week, I wrote how black Americans are doing great under Trump. And we need more Americans to talk about this.

That's why I started CURE to protect our freedom from these race-baiting Marxists who know we can't complain about losing freedom if we're starving, dependent or dead.

That's why at the end of September, I plan to have 100 pastors from distressed communities who've been governed by progressives for decades to join with me in Washington, DC for our Pastor Policy Summit to tell the truth about the Left's evil ideas.
Will you make our Pastor Policy Summit happen with your immediate financial support of $250?

Friend, blacks have lived under the Left's ideas in our country more than any demographic. Imagine if more black Americans speak out against the left who want to keep Americans dependent and our families broken.

Imagine hearing more black leaders speak out about the values that our founders, and Trump, believes that make our country great.

That's why I ask for you to sponsor one pastor to attend our Pastor Policy Summit by clicking and following this link to donate $250 right now.

At our summit, pastors will meet like-minded Americans and learn what we can do to fight the Left's takeover of freedom, especially during the upcoming election year.

And your immediate sponsorship of one pastor will be matched. That means your $250 sponsorship will make $500!

Fight for freedom with me. Sponsor CURE's Pastor Policy Summit that will be held at the end of September in Washington, DC with a $250 matched contribution right now >>

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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