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Race-baiting Marxists

Friend --

Bernie Sanders has always been known as the crazy white-haired guy whose ideas are so far from mainstream America that he could never become President. But they used to say that about Barack Obama's ideas, too, when he was "just a Senator."

Here's the problem: while Sanders may not be elected President, his ideas are no longer considered extreme among Democrats. His ideas are now considered the mainstream of the Democratic Party. 

I ask that you read the following seven points that I heard from the Democrat's climate change debate on CNN this week. And I ask that you pay careful attention to the last point:

  1. Pete Buttigieg said if you eat hamburgers and use plastic straws, you are part of the so-called climate crisis.
  2. Kamala Harris promised to ban fracking and offshore drilling. And plastic straws.
  3. Julian Castro said he wants to fight 'environmental racism.' 
  4. Joe Biden embraced the Marxist Green New Deal and said it doesn't go far enough.
  5. Cory Booker reassured voters that Democrats don't want to take away people's meat. "That's the kind of fear-mongering they spread when they say that Democrats want to take away their hamburgers." 
  6. Really, Cory? Because that's exactly what Kamala Harris said at the same debate. She said she plans to do something about Americans eating "too much red meat" if she becomes President.

  7. And Bernie Sanders found common ground with the mass shooters in El Paso, Dayton, and Christchurch, New Zealand by "addressing the climate catastrophe." His solution is to curb the population through abortion, especially for the poor.

Friend, these racist Marxists don't care about your or my freedom. They care about obtaining power over our lives.

That's why I started CURE to protect our freedom from these race-baiting Marxists who know we can't complain about losing freedom if we're starving, dependent or dead.

That's why at the end of September, I plan to have 200 pastors from distressed communities who've been governed by progressives for decades to join with me in Washington, DC for our Pastor Policy Summit to fight the Left's evil ideas.
You don't need to go to Venezuela to see socialism and "climate justice" in action. You can go to Compton. You can go to Detroit. Or any destroyed neighborhood you know.

Will you make our Pastor Policy Summit happen with your immediate financial support of $250?

Friend, blacks have lived under the Left's ideas in our country more than any demographic. Imagine if more black Americans speak out against the leftist nightmare that has broken our families and our nation. Imagine hearing more black leaders speak out about the values that our founders believed that make our country great.

That's why I ask for you to sponsor one pastor to attend our Pastor Policy Summit by clicking and following this link to donate $250 right now.

At our summit, pastors will meet like-minded Americans and learn what we can do to fight the Left's takeover of freedom, especially during the upcoming election year.

And your immediate sponsorship of one pastor will be matched. That means your $250 sponsorship will make $500!

Fight Marxism with me. Fight for freedom with me. Sponsor CURE's Pastor Policy Summit that will be held at the end of September in Washington, DC with a $250 matched contribution right now >>

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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