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Pastor Summit

Friend --

In my nationally syndicated column this week, I wrote that something's wrong with the status quo. I explained that the founders of the country saw the nation's existence, its faith and its posterity as a package deal. It all went together.

But now many Americans dismiss the importance of all the elements of that package. The statistics are clear: our nation is losing our religion. And there's no institution that is harmed more than the family because of it. 

The non-married rate for whites and Latinos has doubled since 1960. For blacks, it is four times higher. As a consequence, despite a booming economy there are fewer employed black men and white men today than in 1960.

From declining employment prospects and rising incarceration rates, especially for unskilled black men, to killing our own offspring through abortion, you'd think Americans would wake up.

But through academia and the media, leftists confused generations to hate the founding fathers who believed we are born with rights. Instead, they lie that it is only government, not God, who gives out rights so we are all equal.

By rejecting the values that founded our nation, Americans increasingly reject the values that religion teaches us to nurture families. And that's how the left succeeds. That's because religion and families have to disappear so the left can hold power.

That's why I started CURE to protect the values that religion reinforces and bring them back into our national discourse.

That's why, at the end of September, I plan to have 200 pastors from distressed communities join with me in Washington, DC for our Pastor Policy Summit. You can make this happen with your immediate financial support. 

Blacks attend church more than any demographic. Imagine if more speak out against the leftist nightmare that has broken our families and our nation. Imagine hearing more black leaders speak out about the values that our founders believed in that make our country great.

That's why I ask for you to sponsor one pastor this urgent Pastor Summit by clicking and following this link and donate $250 right now.

Your sponsorship will be matched. That means your $250 sponsorship will make $500!

End the status quo. Sponsor CURE's Pastor Policy Summit that will be held at the end of September in Washington, DC with a $250 matched contribution right now >>

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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