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Rev. Nathaniel Thomas

Friend --

With two Maryland pastors from our Pastor Network at my side, I attended Elijah Cummings' speech this week at the National Press Club. 

Cummings, who did not know I was in the audience, blamed guns for the violence in the city he represents and in urban communities across the country.

But our pastors who were with me knew he lied. After the speech, Rev. Nathaniel Thomas said what we were all thinking: we need to blame the causes of violence for the problem, not the guns.

I wrote about this issue this week in my nationally syndicated column, "After the shootings -- look to culture, not politics".

But instead of talking about the causes of violence and fixing them, progressives and the media force us to defend our Second Amendment rights. In fact, there wasn't a single reporter who questioned Cummings about the causes of violence in a city he has represented since 1996!

Cummings also attacked Maryland's Republican governor. But our pastor, Rev. Thomas said the attack on the governor was not based on fact because he said the governor works hard for the people of Baltimore. Rev. Thomas knows this because he sees what's happening on the ground. And it's people like him who we need to defend our rights and our values while progressive politicians and their media allies push a narrative to protect their power and take away our rights.

Also, while Cummings was speaking, another member of our pastor network met with Maryland's governor. This is a governor who listens to the truth and to the Americans who have been ignored by the progressives who claim to represent them.

Rev. Nathaniel Thomas

We need more pastors like Rev. Thomas to stand up. I know you agree. I'm so thankful people like you financially support our pastor network so we can fight back with Americans like Rev. Thomas who have our backs.

That's why I will host 200 pastors in Washington, DC at the end of September for a two-day Pastor Policy Summit to explain why Baltimore and other liberal-run cities exist in poverty and crime. And we'll talk about what an ownership society means and how we can achieve it so we can fix the causes of violence.

Will you join with me and Rev. Thomas by sponsoring our Pastor Policy Summit with a match of $250? That means your sponsorship of $250 will make $500!

With your urgent financial support, our pastors will be able to take the truth from our summit and share it with their congregations, where some even have 30,000 congregants. With policy experts on hand, our pastors will be given the resources to go to their local media and explain how progressive politicians such as Elijah Cummings lie to Americans to stay in power. 

Click and follow this link to sponsor one pastor with an urgent contribution of $250.

For contributions of $25 or more, I will send you our extremely popular Betsy Ross Flag -- Independence, Not Dependence -- bumper sticker.

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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