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Friend --

For the past week, Baltimore's rat and crime-infested neighborhoods have made the news every day. But for all the wrong reasons. Instead of talking about Baltimore's real problems, liberals want to talk about how it's racist to talk about Baltimore. I even wrote about the way they dismiss any criticism of progressive policies by calling the critics racists.

Sadly, it's the only progressive policy that works. 

That's why I wrote my column this week about the wealth gap between blacks and whites to address some of the real issues in Baltimore -- a very complicated story that cannot be told in a single sound bite.

Since the 1960s, our government has spent over $20 trillion on welfare programs. It's time to ask: has it achieved anything?

1. Changes in the poverty rate are barely discernible. And the wealth gap has just gotten bigger.

2. Per the Urban Institute, the wealth gap between white and nonwhite households was:

-- $45,188 in 1963
-- $92,045 in 1983
-- and $153,591 in 2016.

No wonder progressives don't want us to talk about this.

Today, our nation has a record-setting number of Americans who are employed. By all figures, our nation as a whole is in an economic golden age. Yet progressives want us to believe poverty-stricken cities like Baltimore only exist because of racism while the wealth gap between black and whites grow.

Friend, I don't buy it and I know you don't either. And we need to tell the truth.

That's why I will host 200 pastors in Washington, DC at the end of September for a two-day Pastor Policy Summit to explain why Baltimore and other liberal-run cities exist in poverty. And we'll talk about what an ownership society means and how we can achieve it.

Will you sponsor our Pastor Policy Summit with a match of $250? That means your sponsorship of $250 will make $500!

Our pastors will be able to take the truth from our summit and share it with their congregations, where some even have 30,000 congregants. With policy experts on hand, our pastors will have the resources to go to their local media and explain how progressive politicians such as Elijah Cummings lie to Americans to stay in power. 

Click and follow this link to sponsor one pastor with an urgent contribution of $250.

For contributions of $25 or more, I will send you our extremely popular Betsy Ross Flag -- Independence, Not Dependence -- bumper sticker.

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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