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What really frustrates Ilhan Omar:

Friend --

Here's what Ilhan Omar said after she heard Pastor Latasha Fields -- who is a member of our clergy network -- speak to members of Congress during a House Committee hearing:

"What frustrates me is people who have experienced poverty who have gotten the straps for their bootstraps who sit and talk about how we shouldn't do anything for the next person." -- Ilhan Omar

Now, here's what Pastor Fields said that infuriated Ilhan Omar:

-- Her mom was on drugs and in and out of prison.

-- Her grandmother bought a house as a janitor before the Great Society doled out welfare and Civil Rights.

-- She once received food stamps but believes food stamps and housing vouchers should not be passed onto our children as if it's an inheritance.

-- That the Bible preaches we need to lay up an inheritance for our children and it's not government entitlements.

-- Humans must work hard, endeavor and persevere rather than rely on government to succeed.

-- We should teach our children about personal responsibility.

-- She bought a house making $4.25 an hour.

-- Her husband is a barber with a tenth-grade education and they just bought a three-bedroom, two full-bath house in Chicago.

Latasha Fields terrifies liberals and it's no wonder why Ilhan Omar wants to silence her.

In a conference call with supporters like you, Pastor Fields said she discovered our ideas through one of my books she read in a book club. After she read it, she said I inspired her to take her children out of public schools and homeschool them. 

Because of her, our ideas will be passed onto her congregation and children as an inheritance rather than the poison that is spread by big government.

That's why I must hold a Pastor Summit with 200 pastors in Washington, DC this September. Over two days, pastors from distressed zip codes will learn about our ideas and meet like-minded Americans so they can spread the truth across our country, especially in battleground states such as Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania.

If you're inspired by Pastor Fields, like I am, will you put that inspiration into action by sponsoring our Pastor Summit with an immediate matched contribution of $250? If so, click and follow this link right now.

Your sponsorship of $250 will be matched, meaning your $250 will be doubled, so we can have pastors in distressed zip codes with thousands of congregants learn about our ideas and take them back to their churches and communities. This will plant the seeds for more Americans to think about alternatives to public schools and alternatives to progressive policies such as minimum wage laws that have done nothing but increase dependency, decimate the black family, and limit freedom.

Pastor Fields said I inspired her. But I'm inspired by her and it's Americans like you and her who keep me fighting for freedom.

Will you fight for freedom, too, with an immediate $250 sponsorship match so we can inspire more Americans like Latasha Fields?

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Friend, just this week, liberals in the House passed a Bill to increase the minimum wage to $15 per hour. I don't need to tell you how minimum wage laws limit opportunity and prosperity. While this law will likely not pass the Senate, you know what is at stake when progressives run government. We have a lot of work to do so please sponsor our Pastor Summit right now.

For contributions of $25 or more, I will send you our Betsy Ross independence flag bumper sticker that reminds Americans we were founded on independence, not dependence.

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Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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