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Surreal experience with Ilhan Omar

Friend --

I want to give you the behind-the-scene story about what happened.

A couple of weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of Americans heard from two of our pastors who are in our Clergy Network after they spoke to Members of Congress during a hearing on poverty in America. Pastor Latasha Fields and Pastor David Mahan shared their life experience and beliefs that you and I share about personal responsibility.

After they spoke, Ilhan Omar mocked them for believing that Americans can "pull themselves up by the bootstraps." Our video went viral and so many people who've never heard about us stood up for Pastors Fields and Mahan and were inspired by them.

That's why we just had them spend one hour to talk to CURE's supporters like you about their experience with Ilhan Omar. We recorded the phone call and I want you to listen to it. In this recording, you will hear what happened behind-the-scenes.

We also took many questions. Their stories are so compelling that at the end of the call, we still had 11 people waiting to ask the pastors a question!

I want to make sure you're also on conference calls like this in the future. Please click and follow this link to submit your cell phone number and I will make sure you receive an invitation to join us on our next call.

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