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Bumper Sticker for Freedom!

Friend --

Over the past two days, liberals revealed a dirty secret: they think the founding of our nation is deeply flawed.

1. Colin Kaepernick forced Nike to remove the Betsy Ross flag from their clothing.

2. Liberal media claimed the White House's July Fourth festivities were "all about Trump" and only had a "tiny crowd" in attendance. Both were fake news.

3. A San Francisco school district plans to paint over a mural of George Washington's life that depicts the reality that he owned slaves. The school board claims only "students of color" attend the school and have to walk next to "history" every day.

4. Throughout the festivities, I noticed several leftist journalists opined whether our nation is better off after declaring independence from the UK.

What is happening? Despite record-low unemployment numbers that were released today (especially for black and brown Americans), this is the result of relativism and Godlessness that has been taught in our schools for too long. Our children have come of age and now run Fortune 500 marketing departments, teach the next generation of kids, write the fake news, and run our school boards.

This is why my team and I will have over 200 pastors from distressed zip codes in Washington, DC at the end of September.

We will educate, organize and meet with policy leaders for two days before we send our pastors across this great nation to fight the lies and relativism in their communities so we can preserve our freedom. Many of our pastors come from battleground states where the lies are the thickest.

Will you back our work with a $250 sponsorship right now? If you match $250, our pastors will be able to attend our Pastor Policy Summit this September so they can:

-- fight back the school boards who want to rewrite our country's history;

-- stand up for the flag that made our nation the freest nation on the planet in history;

-- expose the media when they lie about us and our beliefs;

-- defend Truth.

If you agree about the importance of our pastor network, click and follow this link to sponsor a pastor with an urgent contribution of $250 right now.

Also, to unite our cause, I want to send you this bumper sticker for supporters like you who contribute $25 or more.

Our Betsy Ross flag means something to you and me because it stands for independence. Our nation was forged by citizens who understood the power and tyranny of big government and fought with their lives to create a new nation that lets people be free. It's why the left hates us so much and why they believe our nation's founding is "deeply flawed." 

I want you to have this bumper sticker and display our independence proudly.

Sponsor CURE's work right now and receive our Independence bumper sticker right now >>

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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