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250 Pastors

Friend --

After two days of Democrat debates, we learned the priorities of progressives:

-- free healthcare for illegal aliens
-- eliminate Trump's tax cuts and raise taxes on the middle class
-- open borders
-- taxpayer-paid abortions for trans men

I wish this was a joke, but these are the declared top priorities of progressives. 

In the end of September, I plan to launch 200 pastors across the country to fight for the ideas of freedom after they attend our two-day Pastor Summit in Washington, DC. It's here where they will obtain education and training from top experts and meet their allies in our struggle to protect freedom.

You saw our pastors at work when you watched two of them -- Pastor Latasha Fields and Pastor David Mahan -- defend personal responsibility and freedom against liberals such as Ilhan Omar and Nancy Pelosi during a hearing of the Budget Committee last week.

I know you want to see more defenders of freedom like them across the country and especially in our battleground states. We can make this happen.

That's why I ask you to sponsor one or more pastors to attend our Pastor Summit in Washington, DC with an immediate contribution of $250.

For many supporters like you, this is a lot of money. I understand that. But we are in a war -- a battle of ideas. Your financial support makes sure we are able to call on our pastors to speak out during a crisis and organize Americans who sit in their pews so we all can fight against the progressive values that ignore the root of evil.

Friend, our nation is at a crossroads of ideas between socialism and freedom. Let's make sure our nation takes the right path.

--> Yes, Star. I will sponsor a pastor to attend CURE's Pastor Summit with an immediate contribution of $250.

--> No, Star. I cannot afford that right now but will chip in $50, $100, $150 or $200 right now.

The Left understands how important funding is to organize their plan against our freedom. That's why I ask you to also make your contribution on a monthly basis.

Thank you, in advance for all you do for supporting freedom.

Your foot-soldier for freedom,

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