Expose Black Lives Matter's lies

July 24, 2020 | Star Parker

Friend --

When I led a rally to protect the Emancipation Monument in Washington, DC from leftist radicals and politicians, media from the left (Washington Post, ABC News, NPR) and the right (Fox News, Breitbart) showed up to cover it and interview me. You can see the photos below.

One reporter asked for my thoughts about the Black Lives Matter movement. Here's my response to her:

"The Black Lives Matter movement that is shaking down corporations around the world should be ashamed to piggyback on the heritage of African Americans who have moved themselves to the place where they are part of the 39 percent of African Americans who live in the suburbs, live very integrated lives, and get up and go to church on Sunday morning. Among them are part of the 20 percent that have told pollsters they are conservative. 

"That is NOT who Black Lives Matter represents, and it is embarrassing that they're prancing through this country as domestic terrorists, shaking down corporations and forcing businesses to give them the type of money they're giving so that we can just see more of the same in our most distressed zip codes.

"What people in these zip codes need is encouragement that they can do like any other free man in this country. They can finish high school, they can take any job, they can get married, they can save some money and invest it, and they can give back to their own local community.

"That's how you break poverty, not some big one-size-fits-all government institution that's leading us into totalitarian Marxism and away from the very God who answers all of their needs."

As you look through these images of this important rally, please understand that it was made possible by the financial contributions of supporters like you

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