Black pastor reacts to racial slurs after praying for President Trump

April 3, 2020 | Star Parker

Marc Little calls out Democrat strategist on CNN for mocking Christians and encourages Christians to remain vigilant due to the COVID-19 restrictions that have closed the doors of churches.


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Center for Urban Renewal and Education

Washington, DC — During Don Lemon's show on CNN, Lemon and three Democrat strategists criticized more than 20 African American Christians who prayed for President Donald Trump in the White House. Marc Little, who is a pastor and CURE's Board Chairman, led the prayer on February 27 while laying his hands on the President. (PRAYER VIDEO:

Keith Boykin, one of three African American Democrat strategists who appeared on Lemon's show, said the black Christians who prayed over Trump were "Uncle Toms." 

Pastor Little said Boykin crossed the line. "The mockery of Christians who prayed for the President is a bridge too far," Little said. "Let me tell you what black conservative Christians believe: we stand for strong families, jobs and the American Dream. What conservatives believe is saving the lives of the unborn. There have been 20 million black babies aborted since 1973. We stand against that ungodly agenda."

Pastor Little encourages Boykin to read 1 Timothy 2, verses 1 through 4. "It calls us to pray for the leaders over us. That's what we were doing and I encourage you to do the same. This isn't about Party, Mr. Boykin. It's the cause of the Gospel: to touch the saved and the unsaved who need Christ."

Pastor Marc Little

In an interview with Daily Caller (, Pastor Little said there's no excuse to parody people of faith who exercize their religious freedom by praying for the President of the United States. "Donald Trump is changing lives of all Americans. but he's changing the lives of black Americans in particular and I'm proud to stand with him and for him. And I'm proud that I had the opportunity to pray over him."

As COVID-19 has locked most Christians out of their churches, Little said this is curiously juxtaposed to abortion clinics remaining open. He also said Christians must be vigilant to protect the freedoms to worship while also protecting those most vulnerable.

Star Parker, the founder and president of CURE, said the racial slurs against Pastor Little are expected from liberals who want to keep black conservative Christians silent. "Liberals think when they call us names that they'll keep us quiet. That doesn't work on me and I know it won't work on Pastor Little. The flak is always heaviest when you're over the target."


- Prayer Video at the White House:
- Daily Caller interview with Pastor Marc Little:


Pastor Marc Little is an attorney, author, columnist, frequent contributor on Fox News and Board Chairman of CURE.

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