Watch Star Parker and Allen West: Conservative Black Forum

January 26, 2012 | Star Parker

Historic two-hour forum brought together America's top modern conservative black leaders for the first time.

On Monday, January 23rd, 2012, Star Parker moderated the premiere Conservative Black Forum in Washington,D.C., hosted by Congressman Allen West.

Star Parker asked a panel of conservative black leaders, including Allen West and South Carolina's Tim Scott, questions regarding unemployment in the black community, conservative values, and the social disparity in urban communities.

Other topics discussed:

-- Perception vs. reality when it comes to black conservatism.
-- Urban issues in the 21st Century.
-- The black church and state.
-- The true history of civil rights.
-- Conservative principles in the black community.
-- GOP outreach to black conservatives.

Here are some comments from supporters like you who've already watched it:

What a refreshing and enlivened discussion! Star, you did a wonderful job moderating. Thanks to everyone involved for forging ahead on real solutions. I learned about Frederick Douglass and why so many refer to themselves as adhering to his brand of conservatism, and I get it now. I learned that the vast majority agree morally and biblically, but don't vote their conscience. May 2012 be the year where intelligent, compassionate black conservative leaders are heard. God bless you!

-- Sarah

Star! You guys were fantastic! I was shouting AMEN the whole time! Great job!

-- Patty

Watched it last night instead of The State Address! Was so much more informative and interesting. Thank you so much for moderating the forum!
-- Chris
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