Star Parker: Liberals treat Herman Cain like a runaway slave

November 4, 2011 | Star Parker

Listen to Star Parker on Sean Hannity's radio program from November 2, 2011, when she was asked about the treatment of Herman Cain by liberals who don't share his policies:

"During slavery anytime somebody decided they were going to listen to the abolitionists' call and that they were going to run away, they would get away. Then up until the time they passed the fugitive slave law, if an overseer found a black runaway they would bring them back to the plantation. Then they would call all the other slaves out and make them watch that slave's skin be stripped from him so that nobody else would think about freedom.

"This is the environment that we now have with these black overseers who dare any conservative, or someone who's thinking about being conservative, to not speak publicly. What we have now is a community of African-Americans who are questioning the principles of this administration, the platform of this administration when it comes to being pro-life and other deeper social and moral questions. But also the policies of this administration that have created this environment to where the [black] unemployment rates is now twice that of the general population.

"The reason they cannot say it in public is because this is what happens when one starts to say publicly, 'maybe we should rethink our place in this great nation and in our history.'"
-- Star Parker
November 2, 2011
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