Thanksgiving Special: For the least of these

Star Parker leads a panel of Christians who work in public policy who believe we should take a Biblical point-of-view to finally break the cycle of poverty. It's the one method that I know, first-hand, actually works. Guests include Dr. Anne Bradley with The Fund for American Studies, Jonathan Alexandre with Liberty Counsel, Joel Griffith with The Heritage Foundation, and Rev. Tim Latiff, who is the Clergy Center Director at the Center for Urban Renewal and Education.

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Founded and run by Star Parker, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education is a non-profit think tank based in Washington, DC. Our mission is to fight poverty and restore dignity through the messages of faith, freedom, and personal responsibility.

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Republican Party Future Depends on More Black, Brown Voters

One reason President Donald Trump did not run away with the election as Reagan did is what I have been writing about for years: the changing demographics of the country.

I'm Optimistic About America

The hairsplitting vote counts that turned the election in favor of Joe Biden cannot be seen in any way as a mandate.

No Longer the Democratic Party of JFK

Today, amidst the politics of blame, grievance and victimhood, it has all but been forgotten that the Democratic Party once delivered a president who spoke about national service and self-sacrifice.

Election 2020 Exposes Culture War: Overcoming Fear With Truth

Most voting-age Americans in 2020 still haven't grasped the fact that freedom is never guaranteed. Historically, many once-free societies have voluntarily given up their freedom — and we could be next.

The Assault on Religious Freedom During COVID-19

Government-mandated lockdown is all about giving politicians enormous arbitrary power.

Stimulus Spending Benefits Politicians, Not Taxpayers

The majority of the American public have bought into the idea that government can solve their problems.

CURE's Strategy

Published research studies and white papers on key topics that impact poverty, such as personal retirement and medical savings accounts, housing and school choice vouchers, family stability, charity choice, labor law, and welfare reform.

Provide daily internet blogs ( and weekly television roundtable discussions (Cure America with Star Parker) that specifically target the black Christian community with alternative views on current events, politics, and headline news.

Educate and equip our private CUREnet of conservative pastors who serve our nation's at-risk, poor, and most vulnerable with information on congressional initiatives, public policy ideas, and current debates that affect their congregations and communities.


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