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We're glad you are here. The Success Sequence you have been exposed to is based on a time-tested and proven model of how you can break free from poverty. Taken in order, each step on the way will help you achieve your dreams and fulfill your goals!

To help you find success in life, we have compiled five books that will help you to...

#1Finish School

#2Take Any Job

#3Get Married

#4Save and Invest

#5Give Back to Your Neighborhood

See one of our Success Sequence billboards that is seen across the country.

Five Books for Success Sequence Starter Pack


1. Finish School

No better motivational book than Les Brown's "Laws of Success” to help get you started, including Law 1, Listen to your heart; Law 2, Leverage your gifts and talents, Law 3 Let go of your F.E.A.R.

2. Take Any Job

Take any job: "Who Moved My Cheese" by Dr. Spencer Johnson is the classic work that remains a best-seller today. It will help you understand that change can bring about more success in your work and in your life.

3. Get Married

Poverty stems from the destruction of the family. Author George Gilder offers a concrete plan for rebuilding the family in America. His solutions challenge readers to return to these roles and reestablish the family values that were once so crucial in staving off the ills that plague our country.

4. Save and Invest

Phillip Liberatore's book, "God, Money and You" is an outstanding look at how we are supposed to think about money. Rich, poor, or somewhere in the middle, your financial situation plays a critical role in the quality of your life. Who better to guide you through your money issues, questions, and struggles than the ultimate source of financial wisdom? It all comes down to God, money, and you! Your Money Matters to God. You don t have to be wealthy to be financially secure, and you don t have to be broke to experience financial struggles.

5. Give Back To Your Neighborhood

In his latest book, Free to Focus, Michael Hyatt shows you how to redefine your work so it works for you, eliminate interruptions and distractions, and build momentum for a lifetime of success that enables you to give back to your neighborhood.

See another one of our Success Sequence billboards that is seen across the country.


Success Sequence Starter Pack

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